Crime Components: Arizona Homicide Files Book 1

Narrated by Scott McKinley, Written by Rena Winters

In 1950, a missing persons report turned into one of the most suspenseful stories of a double homicide ever recorded. It was the perfect crime: no motive, no clues, and no bodies.

Against all odds, investigative reporter Gene McLain put his career on the line in pursuit of the killer and later became known as “the greatest investigative reporter of our time”, winning five Big Story awards and a Pulitzer prize. 

In his honor, Walter Cronkite of CBS News presented the first annual Gene McLain Scholarship Award “for outstanding work as an investigative reporter” at Arizona State University.

This high-tension thriller by Hollywood producer, director, and writer Rena Winters is based on the true story of a man who proved that one person can make a difference.

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